How To Get 5 New Leads Everyday

16 July 2021

A lead is somebody who is interested in your services or could use your services. So in the context of the janitorial industry, a lead is any business that potentially requires janitorial services. There are good leads, and there are bad leads. But to be honest, the only truly bad lead is no lead at all; I will take a bad lead over no lead any day. So now that we understand what a lead is, we are going to go over how to get five new leads every single day for your business.

Step 1: Promote, Promote, Promote

When you are running a business, you are promoting yourself and your services to the marketplace. You can promote yourself by cold calling, door knocking, email marketing, LinkedIn messages, you can do it by going to networking events and you can do it by making landing pages. In the beginning, it may be very difficult to try and do all of those at once. So you may want to consider choosing one of those methods first and going all in with it. From there, you need to continue mastering various methods; continue adding on and expanding on all of these different channels. Promote yourself constantly and never stop mastering every skill you possibly can. Doing this will allow more people to see your business in the first place. 

Step 2: Go All In

Like I said, in the beginning you are going to want to choose one method to go all in on. What do you want to be the best at? Door knocking? Cold calling? Using Google Ads? You need to make a decision, go all in on that decision and figure it out. Choose one that has a low cost in the beginning but that requires a ton of effort. When I first started, I did a very good job at going all in at one method at a time so that I could have a better understanding of them than anyone else; doing so allowed me to predict my revenue and my growth consistently. This also legitimizes you as a business owner, so therefore potential leads will be more inclined to trust you and your skill sets. 

Step 3: Create a Process

What is your process going to be? Create a step by step process for exactly how you are going to go about turning a lead into a client. For example, say that step one is to call up businesses who may need your services. If they are interested, then step two would be to go down and actually meet them in person or have some kind of formal meeting. From there step three would be to deliver your price and terms. Within each step be sure to specify your methods and tactics; what is your script that you will read off of when making cold calls? What will you be presenting and bringing with you when you go to meet them? What is your process for making bids and estimating prices? Every step needs its own process and you need to develop those processes from the ground up.

Step 4: Frequency 

The more you make cold calls, the more you go on walk throughs, the more you estimate prices, the better you will get. Frequency is the number one way to get more leads and get more business; the more you are putting yourself out there, the more you will get back. But, with frequency also comes objections. You will get a lot of people telling you no. But it is important to remember that just because someone said no once, does not mean they will still say no the next day. Frequency is all about following up and powering through those objections until you get the yes. Additionally, the more people hear your message, the easier it is for them to trust you; they can clearly see your work and know that you have been around, and the believability goes up. So make sure you get frequency in as much as possible. 

Step 5: Communicate

You need to be able to communicate the client's problem that you are trying to solve, and more importantly you need to communicate it in a way that directly applies to them. If they tell you that their main issue is the lack of consistency coming from their current cleaners, you will want to sell yourself and sell your company as very consistent. Reassure them that you are there to solve their problems and are able to give them everything they need. 

Step 6: Ask For The Appointment 

You cannot get a lead if you are not willing to ask for it. You need to be able to confidently take them step by step through your process so they know they are dealing with a professional. Tell them your availability and set a date and time for you to come back for the appointment. 


Every single one of these steps is absolutely crucial to your success; you cannot have any one of these without the other. You need to be able to promote yourself, master techniques, expand over time, create processes and duplicate them, remain frequent, communicate and be upfront about where you plan on taking your business. If you stay true to these steps and repeat them every single day, it is a surefire way to guarantee at least five new leads everyday for your janitorial business. 

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