Does Cold Calling Work - 5 Steps to Janitorial Cold Calling

27 April 2021

Cold calling is an essential form of marketing and the No. 1 way to grow your janitorial business. Every phone call or connection you make with a potential prospect is a way of advertising your brand and your business. Many companies, including mine, have been built on cold calls. 

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling involves reaching out to and soliciting clients for your business via phone or text/email. Many of whom may have not previously expressed any desire to purchase your product or service. Such are random, and you are bound to come across many people that are not interested in your services. Many may have no reservations about being rude because it’s an unwanted sales call. This is a large part of what makes cold calling unnerving or frustrating for many people, but it’s the cheapest and most effective way to grow your business. Here’s how you can make cold calling work for you.


Simple Steps to Help You with Cold Calling for Your Janitorial Business.

We have established that cold calling is the most effective and economical way to build your business. Guaranteed, this can be unnerving, but using my techniques, you will harness the impact of cold calling for your janitorial company.


Step #1. Lean into It

There is no reason to get cold feet, even if you think you’re bad at it. Keep at it, and with repetition, trial and error, you will be able to hone your skills. Improvement takes time and practice, so get to it as soon as possible. If you’re nervous, remember it’s all in your head. Instead of overthinking, visualize your goal strongly and lean into it. 


Step #2. Commit 

Creativity follows commitment, so commit to being a badass at what you do. If cold calling unnerves you, commit to doing it daily. You will grow as you learn from your mistakes, you will learn to improvise, and most importantly, you will earn to communicate with confidence. And confidence is key to success. Don’t just be making a couple of phone calls a day. Set targets and commit to making at least 100 phone calls a day. Commit to doing it for three months.


Step #3. Create A Script - PDR (Practice Drill Rehearse)

Making a hundred calls a day should give you a rough map of the conversation flow as well as the most common responses or questions. There are bound to be many refusals, and you need to know how to overcome these with the perfect rebuttal. As you make calls, take notes. Try and test lines that work, it will probably take ages, but you will eventually have a functional script that you can use to hack your way into the market. Once you have your script, you need to PDR (Practice, Drill, Rehearse) until you get it down to a T. 


Step #4. Create Lists 

Compile a list of all the numbers you’re going to call. Group these numbers by area or industry. Calling restaurants in your vicinity is an excellent place to start as they require regular and deep cleaning and are an easier sell. You won’t make much, but it will get the ball rolling for your business. 


Step #5. Start Calling

Once you have your list ready, get down to calling. Making 100 calls a day increases frequency which equals greatness. Test and try new conversational tricks to keep your prospect on the phone; dare to be creative as you’re doing this. Remember, there is no right or wrong; moreover, the only wrong is getting discouraged. As soon as one prospect hangs up, don’t dwell on it; make the next call. 


The Final Step - Set Processes in Place 

It doesn’t end once you’ve secured those clients through cold calling. You need to have a process to follow to get them on board. There is a process between securing an interested client over the phone and beginning the work - one that involves presentations, negotiations, etc., either in person or online. You need to create a well-defined process to convert an interested prospect into a committed customer. All it needs is patience, perseverance, and plenty of effort. 

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