4 FREE Ways To Get More Cleaning Contracts

7 April 2021

OK.  Let’s get to the FREE part.  I’m going to give you 4 tips on getting more clients without spending any $$$.  The only things you’re going to need are a computer, a car and a cellphone.  If you don’t have those, you’ve got bigger problems to deal with first.

Of course, you’re going to need to invest time.  I know that time isn’t free, but you’ve gotta give something to get something.  So listen up.

Here’s the thing:  

$$$ isn’t what you need to grow your cleaning business.  Courage and discipline are the only things you need.  I’ve built a $4M cleaning business in six years by implementing these tactics.  My company is currently on track to do $7M this year.  We grew by 96% this year alone.  I’m not just bragging when I tell you that.  I’m telling you that to show you how fast you can grow.  

Anyone who tells you that they can help you grow by 40% is not your friend.  You can grow MORE.

Now onto the tactics:


Your Powerbase is everyone you currently know.  Your family, friends, barista, and people you barely talk to anymore.  

Your Powerbase is anyone you have a connection with.  Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.  You need to activate your Powerbase.  Make a list of at least 100 people and start contacting them.

Meet up with all of these people.  Do lunch.  Stop by the place they work.  Ask them about their families and see what’s new.  It doesn’t matter what you talk about.  the point is to get back in contact with them and build a relationship.

You want to do this for two reasons.

For one, they probably work somewhere that hires cleaners.  They probably know who the decision makers at their company are.  

Two, they’ll have referrals for you.  All you have to do is ask.  Telling your friends that you own a cleaning company could grow your Powerbase from 100 to 1,000 very quickly.  

CAUTION:  Don’t make lunches and meetings about yourself.  No one wants to spend time with someone who is just trying to sell them something.  Be genuine.  Care about them.  When it’s your turn to speak about yourself, let them know that you’re running a business and looking for more clients.


BNI groups, Chamber of Commerce events and even wine tastings are all great places to meet clients.  It doesn’t matter what the event is.  Make sure that you are in the places where people gather.

I prefer events where I can find out ahead of time who will be there.  I want to know where they are sitting.  If there is a company I’m trying to connect with and I know that they’ll be at an event, I’ll call the event planner and ask to sit with that person.  

I’ve schmoozed and incentivized people just to get seats.  

CAUTION:  You need to be prepared for these events.  Get your elevator pitch ready.  Have questions on hand to keep the conversation rolling.  Know who you want to meet and why you want to meet them.  Do you want an estimate or a lunch date?  Do you want a business card?  The last thing you want to do is stumble through these events like an idiot.  Having a goal will make the event easier.


Door-knocking is exactly what it sounds like.  You go from business to business doing estimates and giving information.  ALL of your $$$ is made through door-knocking and cold-calling.  One full-time door-knocker can bring in 10+ new cleaning contracts every month.  BOOM!  That’s real $$$.

Heres what you do:  

Go to a part of the city where their multiple businesses close to one another.  You don’t want to waste time walking between locations.  I prefer to door-knock in industrial areas.  They tend to be dirtier, which means they need at least two cleanings per week.  These businesses are smaller and it’s easier to speak with decision makers.

CAUTION:  The point of door-knocking is to do quotes, NOT to leave business cards behind.  If you can’t speak directly with the decision maker, ask an influencer what they think about the cleaning.  Take notes.  Get the decision maker’s card and call them later.


Cold-calling is where you make millions (yes, MILLIONS!).  Cold-calling is where you call businesses in the area that need your services and SELL them on the fact that you offer the best services at the lowest price.  

Remember, giving them a better price doesn’t mean CHEAPER services or cost-cutting.

Cold-calling is simple.  Make a list of 150 businesses in the area.  Start by choosing one industry.  Call and ask for the decision maker.  When you’re on the call, set a hook, build interest, ask qualifying questions and set the appointment.

Cold-calling is why my company has grown consistently by $30,000 every month.

CAUTION:  Don’t overthink cold-calling.  All you really need to do is pick up the phone.  YOU WILL SUCK AT THE BEGINNING (I did too!), but you’ll get better over time.

If you want more information on how to grow your cleaning business, go to (link).  All of the information I provide is completely free.  All I ask is that you try these steps out and let me know how they worked for you.  Contact me at Peterb@oraclebm.ca and let me know.

We’re experienced in turning the messiest places around and turning them to real cleanliness havens!


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