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Industrial Facilities

Large industrial facilities that are not properly cleaned become a thriving ground for germs and disease-causing bacteria. It’s where they practically exist like long-term tenants invading every inch of space, surface and nook without paying any rent! They do damage right under your nose (quite literally) if not properly dealt with.

Grocery & Box Stores

Retail stores are among the enclosed public spaces that need intensive cleaning because they draw shoppers and store consumer goods all in one place. High traffic, high risk.

Medical & Dental

Medical and Dental Centers are considered to be safe places for treatment and recovery. And so it is of utmost importance to sanitize, disinfect and purify these health facilities. Patients come to get healed, not catch a disease. They come for oral hygiene, not oral harm.

Offices & Banks

Nothing disrupts office and business operations more than employees feeling unwell, taking sick leaves, or working below their optimum level. Multiply that many times because most illnesses are contagious and it becomes a sad state of business affairs.


Food and dirt should never be allowed to touch each other, ever. Successful restaurant owners know this too well and therefore set a high standard of cleanliness in food handling and in every aspect of their operation. It is a non-negotiable. Yummy loses its appeal when yucky lurks around. Poor sanitation can spell doom for a restaurant business, not to mention possible lawsuits.

Schools & Daycares

Schools and Daycares are entrusted to educate and care for children, and as such, cleanliness and sanitation are imperative. These facilities have a huge responsibility in providing their students with safe and wholesome spaces conducive to academic learning, growing, and social development.

Commercial Cleaning

One Janitorial provides commercial cleaning in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon and Winnipeg following best cleaning practices. We have a standard operating procedure for both cleaning methodology and equipment management. In order to obtain the best results, we adapt techniques that provide the best results and sustain for a longer period.

We’re experienced in turning the messiest places around and turning them into real cleanliness havens!


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We’re experienced in turning the messiest places around and turning them to real cleanliness havens!


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